Gold’s diverse uses in jewelry, technology, central banks and investors, mean different sectors of the gold market rise to prominence at different points in the global economic cycle. Gold is now bought by far more diverse set of consumers and investors than at any previous time in history. Gold Hub Ghana has designed three (3) generous Gold supply options to meet the requirement of the various sectors from which our clients may come from. Clients are also required to sign an Export Service Agreement before enrolling on any of the supply options. The supply options include;


Gold Hub Ghana is Licensed to Purchase Gold from all Small Scale Mining Companies in Ghana. This opportunity puts GHG in a pole position to access Gold regularly when it is mined. Clients are implored to open a Metal Account with GHG for Gold Supply.

With this account in place, Clients have an option to deposit funds into their Metal Account for ready Purchase once Gold is available. The advantage here is to have replicable access to Gold to be purchased to meet Clients’ requests


GOLD is a cash back commodity, and Mining is a capital-intensive venture. As such, the only way to secure regular supply at reasonable and realistic discounts is to Pre-Finance. This arrangement allows clients consistent supply of GOLD at good discount. Clients are required to make monthly orders of a minimum quantity of 25kg for a minimum duration of six month. Supply commences 14 days – 30 days after full payment is received. The advantage is to have good reasonable discount and thereby increasing profit and satisfaction for our clients. This is 100% Pre-finance.

This supply option is designed for clients who wouldn’t like to make payments directly to Sellers but opt to use a banking instrument as a means of financial security. The instrument is valid for a year plus 1 day and attracts a minimum of 300kg of Gold before it expires.

GHG accepts the following banking instruments for Gold Supply Transactions

  • Bank Guarantee (MT760BG)
  • Stand by letter of Credit (SBLC)
  • Clients have the option to Transact with Banking Instruments particularly (MT760BG and MT760SBLC) issued to their Monetizer to grant GHG loan for the supply of Gold.
  • NOTE : For all Banking Instrument Transactions, a Tripartite Agreement has to be signed by all parties (thus Buyer, Seller and Monetizer). For Cash transactions payments can be made directly into GHG’s account.
    Gold is supplied 30days after GHG receives the LTV (Loan) from the Monetizer.


Gold Hub Ghana (GHG) has one of the best assay Laboratories in Ghana. This laboratory is furnished with various High Precision and Advance Assay equipment’s such as Cupellation Machine used for fire assay and X-Ray Fluorescence which is a non-destructive assay technique. Our laboratory uses various assay methods for analysis depending on what our client requires and also the form of the precious metal brought for analysis. The laboratory is built to answer every question our client asks about their product.


We provide clients with Well Secured and Insured Vaults for storing Precious Metals on a physically “allocated” basis. This means that your Gold coins, Dore bars or bullion are physically present in the vault and held separately in Client’s name. Clients can pick up precious metals in person, or have them shipped to any domestic or international address (shipping & handling charges apply) of choice.


With Well-Trained and Experience Drivers and Security Personnel’s, GHG provide clients with transportation services to aid movement of their product from various places across the country to any destination of their choice. Over the years, we have built confidence in our clients with 100% success in all transport operations.

We are also licenced by the minerals commission to export Gold and other precious metals to every destination/Refinery around the Globe through Emirates Sky Cargo or KLM. Our swift, high Standard and competitive export rates positions us as a company of choice for your export. This arrangement hammers the fact that clients can receive their supplies anywhere around the globe without having to travel to Accra.


Characterized by shared ownership and returns, this arrangement is a strategic alliance which is there to address the insatiable desire of the investor who loves to partner a growing business. There is room for flexibility, safety, confidence, satisfaction, transparency and above all maximization of return on investment.

The terms are negotiable in this particular aspect that exploits the rich concessions available and under the management of GHG.